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Our team is dedicated to maintaining a successful and worry-free account for your practice. We have over 13 years of Ophthalmology and Optometry billing experience.


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Billing and Coding Information

You no longer have to be lost in the maze of claim rejections, $0 payment claims, follow-up of Explanation of Benefits, and insurance jargon.


100% Payment From Insurance On All Claims

We provide help with:

  • Reviewing Medical Notes for Correct Coding
  • Coding correct procedure codes
  • Coding correct ICD-10 codes
  • Reviewing Local Coverage Determination
  • Evaluation and Management coding
  • Claims Appeals
  • CPT and Diagnosis Research
  • Updating providers with new/existing rules and regulations for claim submission
  • Claim conflict resolution with insurances
  • Alerting providers for possible Audits and Refunds