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Payment Posting

Once a claim is submitted with the supporting diagnosis codes for the service, the insurance system automatically review with its set policy, processes the claim with a payment or patient responsibility. Payment posting covers a sound knowledge of the patient’s benefit with the insurance. Understanding the contractual and remark codes in the explanation of benefits from the payers helps the biller to make the patient’s account clear.

Why MBS for your practice payment posting?

Many of the billing and doctor offices may consider payment posting as simple clerical job. We are distinctive at this point. Before we put our employees in the payment posting department, we ensure that the employee has profound knowledge in verification, authorization and patient’s benefit. That is why we never forget to work on the non-payment claim lines.

Why are we unique?

We are well aware of the fact that the incorrect posting may cause improper patient statements or revenue loss for medical practice. This is why we ensure the following cases:

  • Is the procedure code allowed at the contracted rate? If not, send this claim for review. If yes, follow to the next question.
  • Is the procedure code paid per patient’s plan? If not, send this claim for review. If yes, follow to the next question.
  • Did the front desk collect upfront cost (Coins, Deductible or Copayment)? If yes, apply credit. If not, find the reason.
  • If the patient still has a valid balance, send patient statement.
  • If a patient has a valid credit, inform the office to refund or consider this credit for the next visit.